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This Game is only Japanese.

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Download from the following (installable)

Metronome # APK

It may be affected by security settings during installation.
Please check the following and try the installation / update.

/// How to install Android apps that are not distributed on Google Play ///

Please download the app from the link above.

Also, if “File cannot be opened” or “Analysis error” appears during installation,
Open the download folder from the file management application and open it.
Please execute “MeSM.apk” directly to install.

  • A file management app is an app that allows you to directly check the file information on your device.
    The name of the pre-installed file management application differs depending on the device you are using.
    If it is not installed, search for a file management application on Google Play and use it.
  • Only available on devices with Google Developer Services installed
  • Operation cannot be guaranteed due to old works.